Forgot SQL Server Password, How to unlock SQL Server password?

SQL Password RecoveryUsers who don’t regularly log into the SQL Server database sometimes forget their passwords. Also SQL Server passwords can be easily forgotten if users often change them. Imagine if you forgot SQL Server password, what would you do? Thankfully, you now can resort to some SQL Server password unlocker tools such as SQL Password Recovery to help you crack the forgotten SQL user and sa passwords.

How to use SQL Server password unlocker—SQL Password Recovery, to crack SQL password?

To be able to use this tool to crack and unlock the forgotten SQL password, you should first download and install it to your computer.

After download and install the tool, then launch it quickly. Next, in the main interface of SQL Password Recovery, give a click on “Open” to load the target .mdf file into the tool.

Now in the new interface, you can see all the SQL user accounts with passwords displayed as Unknown or Empty. So you just choose the certain password forgotten account and then hit “Change Password” button on the interface to modify the forgotten SQL password.

After enter a new password and confirm it later, then click “OK” to finish MS SQL server password unlocker.

Discounts on purchasing SQL Password Recovery

With SQL Password Recovery in hand, you will no longer need to cost extra money or time on the so called experts in computer to help you find the lost or forgotten SQL password. Good news is that from today to the next month, there will be a discount up to 30% off on SQL Password Recovery. That means you will only have to pay a few dollars for the powerful tool.

Additionally for people who want to take a test on SQL Password Recovery before purchase it, they all can have SQL server password unlocker free. However, this free SQL server password unlocker—demo version of SQL Password Recovery, can only list all the user accounts on your SQL Server. To fully unlock the SQL password, a full version needs to be purchased.

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