How to Recover Windows 8 Password

“How to recover Windows 8 admin password? I created an admin user account for my computer, but somehow I managed to set a typo as a password. Now I can’t login. I tried alot of typos it could have been, but couldn’t get it to work. What can I do? Is there a geeksquad kind of service that I could hire to do it? Is there an overide code? Anyone done it before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.” In fact there are two methods to recover Windows 8 password, see it as below: Method 1:  Recover Windows 8 … Continue reading

Forgot Windows 8 Laptop Password How to Recover

Forgot Windows 8 password for the laptop computer? It’s problematic if you didn’t remember home windows 8 security password specially your system is made up of critical info. However ray-putting in Windows eight will assist you to eliminate Windows 8 password, in addition, it remove the important files on computer. Many pc beginners haven’t any notion concerning password recast compact disk and other ways to totally reset your password inside Windows 8. Here I’ll teach you the simplest way to be able to reset Windows 8 security password using a bootable password reset compact disk. How to Totally reset Overlooked … Continue reading