Three Guides to Hack Your Forgotten Facebook Passwords

Mark Zuckerberg likely never imagined this when he founded Facebook as an undergraduate in his Harvard dorm room. The website he created as a social network for college students is now the site of a brewing battle between two centenarians over who can lay claim to being the oldest among Facebook’s more than 1 billion monthly users. Logged on in one corner is Florence Detlor, the 101-year-old Californian who, in August, was designated Facebook’s oldest user by Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Detlor traveled to the social network’s Palo Alto campus for a personal tour. From this news we can … Continue reading

Get Rid of RAR Password with RAR Password Recovery

Document compression setting could be the practice regarding packaging folders or perhaps documents to make use of a smaller amount disk space. The actual Report Data compression party consists of software applications plans that will archive your own files along with extract archived data like Scoot and RAR documents. Several merchandise in this particular classification permits you to manage documents and shield them with file encryption. A few situations generally take place that you simply created a few data a long time ago and utilized WinRAR/RAR in order to decrease them right into a one by using a security password, … Continue reading

How to Recover RAR Password with Smartkey

In the previous atricles we talked about SQL password recovery, but today I want to share an article about RAR password recovery.   “I forgot my WinRAR archive password. Is there any rar password cracker to decrypt rar files without knowing its password?” One day my friend Tom asked me so.   He had quite a long crush on a girl, his college classmate. Being lack of courage, he wrote down all his feelings for her and kept it very secretly. One day, he found his mother was using his PC. He was such a shy boy, the most private … Continue reading