Urgent Help on Excel Password Forgot

I forgot Excel password carelessly, how to recover it, urgent help! It is really a long story but I have to make it shorten. I forgot Excel password by accidently. I cannot remember it now and my boss is very angry. He ordered me to find out or remove the password before tomorrow afternoon because we will have an important meeting. Without opening the Excel files the meeting could not be hold. I am afraid I will lose my job because of this accident! Urgent help please!   Two Opinions about Forgetting Excel Password Opinion One: No Way There is … Continue reading

Take it Easy to Know Excel Password Recovery

Microsoft Office developers have been paying more and more attention to the means of protecting users’ information, and Microsoft Excel has not been overlooked. With advanced features, MS Excel 2007 provide users against unauthorized access to the information stored in Microsoft Excel documents. The methods include completely blocking access to a document, forbidding saving changes to it. However, these seem not far enough. We can do nothing but anxiety if the data was locked in the Excel. For the reason, some expert team even designed Excel password recovery tools to recover Excel 2007 password for those who have lost Excel password. In … Continue reading