SQL Server Password Recovery: What to Do When You Forgot SQL Server SA Password?

For some persons who would like to learn database, Microsoft SQL Server is no doubt to be recommended firstly. If you are a beginner to SQL Server, perhaps you will meet a problem that you forgot SQL Server SA password easily after you create the password on the SQL Server database. That may have an effect on your studying about MS SQL Server database because without the password you can’t do anything else. Therefore, you may need a SQL password recovery tool to do you a favor.

sql password recovery

SQL Password Recovery

What is SQL Password Recovery tool?

SQL Password Recovery is a kind of professional software that is designed to recover lost or forgotten Microsoft SQL Server password. That program supports many versions of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2012, 2008 and 2005. Therefore no matter you forgot SQL 2008 SA password or lost SQL 2012 SA password, you can only click several times and then the SQL Server SA or other user password will be changed to any new one. And then you can use the new password to logon database. The representative and easy-to-use software is SmartKey SQL Password Recovery.


How to use SQL Server Password Recovery program?

Take SmartKey SQL Password Recovery as an example. You will see how to use a third party SQL Server password recovery tool as below:

Step 1: Download SQL Password Recovery from http://tinyurl.com/SQLPasswordRecovery and then install it to your PC.


Step 2: Open the tool and insert your locked database file with the format of MDF. The default file is named as master.mdf and its default path is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER08\MSSQL\DATA


Step 3: Click the Change Password button and then a window will pop up and requires you to type in a new password and a confirm password. After that, click OK button and your password will be reset as a new one.


Other information about MS SQL Password Recovery

Even though MS SQL Server database is only applied in some small enterprises and most of the companies choose Oracle to be their preferred database, there is no denying that Microsoft SQL Server had ever active in the stage of database and achieve an all-right performance. Today still many people choose MS SQL Server as their teaching material and research object, from that phenomenon we seems to see that MS SQL Server database will never be forgotten by us. But if your SQL Server password is forgotten or lost by you, you can really take advantage of the SQL Password Recovery tool.

PS: Still confused about how to recover SQL Server password? It doesn’t matter. You can watch this video guide from YouTube.

Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB9X0M8cBUg

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  1. Nanis says:

    I need to reocver my SQL Server 2012 password, can I use the tool?

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