SQL Password Recovery – How to Recover SQL Server Password Smoothly

If you major in computer or others that similar with computers, you are likely to know what the Microsoft SQL Server is; even you have practical lessons and you have learned how to use the SQL Server to build a database. If so, then you must understand the use of a database and can locate information within one which has been pre-made. Also, you can add or delete data in a database. For those MS SQL Server users, they usually are required to create passwords for their database. In a SQL server you can build plenty of databases as you need to, and the passwords can protect each database so that other hackers cannot access to.

However, the big problem is that the password may be lost for other reasons. On the one hand, if you have created the same password for all encrypted databases, you are not able to access all of them as long as you forgot or lost one. On the other hand, if you created different passwords for different SQL Server databases, it is difficult to invoke the password protected database once you forgot one of them. We all know that database is to be contacted with each other, therefore how to recover it when you forgot SQL Server SA password by accident? I will tell you my solution here.


As a matter of fact, nobody would like to re-install their SQL Server database when they lost the password unless the database is useless for you. In my personal experience, to install MS SQL Server takes too much time for me, let alone re-installing it. Luckily enough, the smart human still figure out a measure to overcome it. It is said that the most efficient and effective method is the SQL Server password recovery tool but not everyone is aware of that.

So far, there are several brands that can help you recover SQL Server password. I have tried different ones but in my point of view, the SmartKey SQL Password Recovery is better than others. I choose it because it recovers my database password faster than the others. In this way it can save much more time to access my SQL Server.

From the instruction I learn that there are only three easy steps to use this third party utility. To let you know how easy it is now let’s see how to use it.

Step 1: Download SmartKey SQL Password Recovery and install it into your accessible computer, then click to open it and then choose your database that is password protected with .mdf format.

Step 2: Select your locked SQL Server database account and then click Change Password button to pop up the reset password box.

Step 3: Type your new password twice and then click Ok and close this tool, the next time when you open your database, you can use the new password to open your target account.


I think it is really simple for my situation that I forgot SQL 2008 SA password carelessly, and it is my choice to use it, what about yours? You can click this link to see more information about it: http://goo.gl/d6mRt

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    Very helpful tips about sql password recovery, thanks a lot!

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