Let’s Make It a Breeze to Reset SQL User Password!

I just received a call from my old friend. He had a question regarding updating user password in SQL 2005. Now he wanted to reset SQL user password without specifying the old password because he forgot it already. I am sure that he is not the first person who has faced this issue. There must be many more similar situations where people who have lost or forgotten the SQL password thus lost access to their important databases. Regarding this SQL user password forgotten issue, I’d like to share some personal opinions with you all.

In my view, to reset a forgotten SQL user password is not that difficult at all. Now let’s reset SQL user password as a breeze!

Option1: Use other SQL Server Login to reset forgotten SQL user password.

If there is any other SQL Server Login that is a member of sysadmin role, you can log in using that account and reset the forgotten user password of SQL Server. Now please follow the below step-by-step instructions:

  1. Login to SQL Server using Windows Authentication.
  2. In Object Explorer, open security folder, the open logins folder. After that, right click on the password-forgotten account and go to Properties.
  3. Now in the pop-up window, enter the new password and confirm it later. In the end, just click OK to complete forgotten SQL Server user password resetting.

Note: These procedures should be all executed on the local Windows computer of SQL Server. Otherwise you cannot start SQL Server with the Windows Authentication mode.)

reset sql user password

Option2: Try SQL Password Recovery when the SQL password is forgotten.

If you failed to successfully reset or change the forgotten SQL password with option 1, then don’t hesitate to try this powerful tool—SQL Password Recovery. It can efficiently help you reset lost or forgotten user/administrator passwords for MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 password-protected database master .mdf file. Now let’s easily reset SQL user password with SQL Password Recovery.
Step1. Download and install, launch SQL Password Recovery on your computer.
step2. Load the target .mdf file to the tool by click on “Open” button.
Step3. Click “Change Password” button after selecting the target password-forgotten account.
Step4. Enter the new password and confirm it in the pop-up “Change Password” window. Next click on OK to end the forgotten SQL user password reset.

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