2 Effective Ways to Reset SQL Server SA Password

About system administrator (SA)
MS SQL Server offers administrators two choices of performing user authentication: Windows authentication mode and mixed authentication mode (Windows authentication and SQL Server Authentication). No matter what authentication mode you select, you should assign a strong password for the SA (system administrator) account which has full control over the database objects, including the tables, stored procedures, user permissions and backup logs etc. However, this SA password can be easily forgotten. Well, in the following I will show you how to reset SQL SA password when it is forgotten with following 2 methods:

sql sa password reset

Method 1: Reset password SQL Server by choosing Windows authentication mode.

  1. Open SQL the Server management studio.
  2. Connect to the Server with Windows authentication.
  3. Right click sa and choose its properties.
  4. Go to security tab and change server authentication to “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode”.
  5. Click OK and restart SQL Server.
  6. Go to the Server studio management.
  7. Expand the server and choose security and expand logins.
  8. Right click on SA, then click on “Properties” to reset password. Of course, you can set a new password to replace the forgotten password.

However, it should be noted that this method can only be used on a local Windows computer of Server.)

Method 2: Carry SQL Server reset password with professional SQL password reset tool—SQL Password Recovery.

Step1: Download SQL Password Recovery and then install, launch it on a computer in which the SQL Server is running.
Step2: Click “Open” to load the target master.mdf file to the tool.
Step3: Select the SA account and then simply click “Change Password” to reset”. (Note: All the user names are displayed in a list.)
Step4: Enter a new password and click “OK” to complete the password reset process.

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