How to reset SQL password, when I forgot SQL password?

sql password resetHave you ever forgot or lost your SQL password? Did you have any ideals to reset SQL password? Or chosen to reinstall MS SQL Server on your PC again? I once forgot my SQL password and I reinstalled SQL Server at last, because I failed to find some good methods to solve the problem. What annoying and terrible experience it is! In order to avoid reinstalling SQL Server for a second time, I collect some methods to reset sa Password in sql for sa account.

Method 1: Use the Query Windows in Management Studio to reset sql sa password

1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio.
2. Open a New Query.
3. Copy, paste, and execute the following:
USE [master]
The New Password is set for your SQL Server sa account.

Method 2: Use Command Prompt to reset forgotten SQL password

Use command prompt is an easy way to reset forgotten sa password. See the commands below:
1. Go to the command prompt of the server and type in command prompt osql –L
2. Copy full name of SQL Server and type:
3. OSQL -S <insert_servername_here> -E
4. Execute the following query:
5. sp_password NULL, ‘<insert_new_password_here>’, ’sa’ and go

Method 3: Reset SQL password by Windows Authentication

1. Login to the SQL Server box as the Administrator.
2. Run SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
3. Right-click the server name and choose ‘Edit SQL Server Registration properties’.
4. Choose ‘Use Windows authentication’ and click OK button.
5. Expand a server, expand a Security and click Logins.
6. Double-click the sa login and specify new password on the General tab.

If you forget sql password, don’t worry about it, you can see the article, those methods can tell you how to reset the password easily.

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