How to Recover Windows 8 Password

“How to recover Windows 8 admin password?
I created an admin user account for my computer, but somehow I managed to set a typo as a password. Now I can’t login. I tried alot of typos it could have been, but couldn’t get it to work. What can I do? Is there a geeksquad kind of service that I could hire to do it? Is there an overide code? Anyone done it before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.”


In fact there are two methods to recover Windows 8 password, see it as below:

Method 1:  Recover Windows 8 Password with PIN logon

It’s fact that you can use Windows 8 PIN logon method to reset other types of logon passwords. So, if you have used PIN code on Windows 8 previously then you can use it again to login on Windows 8 and reset a lost password. How to Set up PIN Logon?

Step 1. On the default Metro style home window, click Control Panel.
Step 2. Select Users from main navigation bar and click Create a PIN on left side of the Window.
Step 3.You’ll be prompted for the password of your current account. Enter the logon password and click on OK button.
Step 4. Enter the four digit PIN and also retype the PIN to confirm it. Click on “Finish” to end your operation.

That is all! your PIN is now set up for PIN logon to Windows 8 and you can start using it next time to login to Windows 8 account. You will see Logon Options link on Windows 8 Logon Screen, which lets you switch between configured logon options. Here, you can choose PIN Logon Credential Provider option to logon to Windows via PIN code.

Method 2: Recover Windows 8 Password with Windows 8 Password Recovery

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is your good helper to recover your lost Windows 8 password, it helps you recover lost Windows 8 password inthin ten minutes. You can use it in three steps as below:

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