How to Recover RAR Password with Smartkey

In the previous atricles we talked about SQL password recovery, but today I want to share an article about RAR password recovery.


“I forgot my WinRAR archive password. Is there any rar password cracker to decrypt rar files without knowing its password?” One day my friend Tom asked me so.


He had quite a long crush on a girl, his college classmate. Being lack of courage, he wrote down all his feelings for her and kept it very secretly. One day, he found his mother was using his PC. He was such a shy boy, the most private information there of course was his love diary to that girl. Then immediately he made it as an encrypted rar file. Fate sure knows how to run with a bit. He forgot the password. He got almost mad. What a poor boy!


But on the other hand, he is quite lucky because he turned to me for help. Once a time I worked for a software company but not now. During the time I worked there, I know they successfully developed an advanced archive password recovery utility called RAR Password Recovery 5.0 and I once used that tool to recover one of my rar files smoothly. So I suggested him to make use of this winrar password cracker following the steps below:


Step 1. Download, install and run SmartKey RAR Password Recovery to your computer. Click “Open” to load the password-forgotten WinRAR, RAR archive files.


Step 2. Select the RAR file. Click “Open” button in the Menu or the “Open” button to browse the full path of the WinRAR/RAR. Select your WinRAR/RAR file in the Open File window, and click “Open”.


Step 3. Choose an attack type and define each attack setting. On the “Recovery” tab, select an attack to recover the lost or forgotten RAR password and define each attack setting. After attack type selected, you then need to set up attack settings accordingly.


Step 4. Start rar password recovery with ease. Click “Start” button in the Menu to initiate the program.


Step 5. Successful. The program is processing for the password. Some time later, a message box pops up to you, displaying the expected password. Click “Copy” and paste it to the password-required blank to open the archive. Until here you have finished the steps to recover rar password with ease.


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