What to Do With Office Password Recovery Issues

Microsoft Office document which was widely-spread used, helps us write anything such as working process and private journal, and allows us to set a password. But, every coin has two sides. Some unfortunate thing always happens. Have you ever been locked out by your MS Office document just because of lost or forgot the Office password, especially when it is time for you work presentation or for an important school project? Unlike Windows, Microsoft did not offer ways to recover MS locked Office password.


Following steps will show you the efficient way for Office password remover with SmartKey Office Password Recovery tool, a third party password recovery tool that allows to recover lost or forgotten MS Office passwords required to open password-protected Microsoft office 97-2010, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


With just a few steps, you can recover your password and use your important documents. Just take a deep breath and try a few of the following ways for finding your password. Office Password Recovery has 2 functions. This is the user guide for function.


1. 100% Instant Document Decryption (Online Password Remove Service)


Step 1: Download and install Office Password Remover

Step 2: Click “Open” to load Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Select “100% instant document decryption” and click “Next”.

Step 3: Click “Decrypt document” to remove password. Remove Office Password Successfully. The decryped file (*_Fixed.doc or *_Fixed.xls) has been automatically saved to the folder where your locked file is. You can also click “Cancel” to stop decryption or click “Back” to continue other operation.

Note: The Office Password Remover program uses internet to connect to the service, so make sure your internet connection is working well before using it. Besides, if you have firewall software installed, configure it to allow the program to connect to internet.

Being urgent to use Word or Excel documents but forget the password? Take it easy, Office Password Recovery can remove password instantly with the online Office Password Remover service and get access to the documents without any password. It is available for documents created in MS Office 97-2010.


2. Recover The Password (Offline and 3 types of attack)


If you have some information about the forgotten or lost password, you can use Brute-force Attack to recover the password. Office Password Recovery provides three types of attack: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. The program supports recovering password for Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and *.PST file created in MS Office 97-2010.


Step 1: Click “Open” to load password protected document. Select “Recover the password” and click “Next”.

Step 2: Select type of attack and click “Start”. You can click “Stop” to stop operation or click “Back” to continue other operation.

Step 3: After clicking “Start” button, the program is recovering the office file password. Once the password is found, it’ll be displayed in the File Opening Password Box. Use the password provided to open the office file and view the information.

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