Forgot SQL Server SA Password – How to Recover Forgotten SQL Password with Tool

SQL is short for Structured Query Language. Its main function is to build the connections with different databases. Microsoft SQL Server is exactly the database that employs the SQL language criterion. With a SQL Server database, we are able to build many tables and connect the relationship between them. Even though nowadays Microsoft SQL Server is not so frequently used in business, it is still used by some small business.

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Microsoft SQL Server password recovery

For those Microsoft SQL Server users, sometimes they need to create a security password on it when they login the database and then to create a connection with all the tablets in their databases. But it is the damn password that prevents them opening their SQL Server database. Therefore, the unlucky guys need to look for a correct way to help them solve their SQL password recovery problem.

How to unlock password of their Microsoft SQL Server database? It is a pity that Microsoft has no any solution for the lost SQL Server password users. They have to make use of the third party password recovery tool to change the lost or forgotten SQL Server password.

How to choose a better SQL Server password recovery tool? I think you have three points to focus on.

1. The tool must be safe.

After all, it is a third party tool and you are not the original designer. You have no idea that whether it is safe or not. If it is not safe, you may risk of losing the data of your database. Then all the materials in your database will be in blank. That is very important.

2. The tool had better fast.

If you attempt to use an un-known tool to reset your SQL Server database password when you forgot SQL Server SA password by accident, but it is very slow to recover it. You have to wait for a number of hours to recover it. That is not we would like to.

3. The tool have better easy to use.

With an easy-to-use tool, you can save much time in the recovery process and you don’t have to search for other information about how to use it. What’s more, if there are some step-by-step guides in the interface of the tool, then that will be of great help.

That sounds informative, but where can we find out such tool? I think SmartKey SQL Password Recovery is just right! It is safe, easy to use and with a fast speed. It supports all the versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

It has detailed guides in its user interface and you only have to click for several times and then your SQL Server password will be changed after a while. Then you can use the new password to login your Microsoft SQL Server.

For more detailed information about how to use it, you can refer:

Free download SmartKey SQL Password Recovery here:

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