Forgot SQL Server 2008 Password, How to Reset?

If you need a database to storage your data, the first database you think of may be the Microsoft SQL Server. At the same time, everyone knows that there is a password to protect the database. But have you ever thought that once you forgot SQL Server SA password one time, what will happen then? The result can be imagined by us. Take the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 password for an example and you will learn MS SQL Server password reset here.


forgot SQL Server 2008 password how to reset

Microsoft SQL Server is well-known in the world and as a database server it is as popular as the Oracle. Nowadays, Microsoft SQL Server is widely used in the small business and the Oracle is frequently used in the big company. But many of the normal users know Microsoft SQL Server more than the Oracle. Therefore, as a famous database, you should know how to recover SQL password if you are using it.

However, I don’t mean that all the SQL users know little about SQL Server password recovery tips. I just warn you to remember the password well or backup the database or in other ways to protect your SQL Server database. Otherwise, once you forgot it, you will have to recover lost SQL SA password and that is not we want to see. In a word, do some preparation is better than do nothing.

Therefore, if your SQL version is the 2008, what to do if you forgot SQL 2008 SA password? Have you tried to remind the password? Have you asked somebody for help? Of do you just leave the database alone and rebuilt another database. As a matter of fact, the last action is the foolish behavior, especially when the database plays an important role among the databases. But for the first and second action, if you can do that, just do that. If they don’t work, you have to try the other method.

Thus, what is the other method to recover lost SQL SA password easily and quickly when you forgot SQL Server 2008 password carelessly? The answer is the SmartKey SQL Password Recovery! It is a well-known SQL Server password recovery tool and you can use it to recover your SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 password without losing any data.

This smart SQL password recovery tool is the key to unlock your locked Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or other versions. You can see how to use it as below:

Step 1: Find out this SQL password recovery tool and then download it to a computer. Then install it to your Windows computer and double click the icon to open this software. After that, insert your locked database to prepare the decryption.

Step 2: Then you can see all the databases in the database files. On the right, you can see whether the database is encrypted or not. Choose one of the databases that you lost or forgot the password and then click the Change password button or click the Exit button to exit the program.

Step 3: After that, a window will pop up and require you to type the new password and confirm the new password. If you make sure the new password, type the OK button and your password is reset. The next time when you open the database, you only have to type the new password and open it successfully.

That is all about how to recover password SQL master file on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or other versions. Have you got it? If not, you can check out SQL Password Recovery official website or CLICK HERE for more detailed information.

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