Different Ways to Hack Your Facebook Password

Question:  Need help forgot facebook password?

My friend usualy go’s on facebook with her bb but recently she let a friend go on facebook from her phone and she logd off now my friend cant go on her fb becuz she use to have it on remember my password. I’ve tried helping her following the fb help and each time it needs to send her a email to make sure that its her profile and it says its sending a code but the code never sends. Can anyone help me plz?

Answer:  Way 1:  Click “Forgot your password” link.

If you remember the exact E-mail address you have registered, follow this way, else you couldn’t hack Facebook passwords after you forgot Facebook password SmartKey by this way.

1. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you have three choices to identify your Facebook account. First, enter your email or phone number. Second, enter your Facebook username. Third, enter your name and a friend’s name. Choose whichever to search for your account.

2. Security check, type the words showed in the box and then click Submit. This is used to prevent automated hacking attempts and prove that you are a human. Identify your account, if the account matched your search, click This Is My Account link.

3. Press Reset Password to require a Facebook password reset Email. When receive the Email, follow the link to reset Facebook password.

4. Enter a new password and then confirm it. Click Change Password button. Then you could login with a newly reset Facebook password.

Way2:  Make Use of Firefox Web Brower

If you use the Firefox browser and have had your browser remember the password for you, it might be frighteningly easy. Follow the below tutorial on how to hack Facebook password easily.

1. Click on Tools -> Options and then in the Security tab, Click on Saved Passwords button.

2. When Saved Passwords window pops up, type Facebook in the Search box to narrow the saved site, Click on Show Passwords.

3. Click Yes to make sure you wish to show your passwords. Then you can see your saved Facebook password.

Way3. Make Use of Smartkey Firefox Password Recovery

(1) Download, install and run Firefox Password Recovery 5.0  from SmartKey Password Recovery on your computer.

(2) Click “Start Recovery”, then in the drop-down list you can choose “Recover Firefox Password”, “Reset Firefox Master Password” and “Recover Thunderbird Password”. Just choose any one of them according to your needs.

(3) Click “Recover From File” to recover Firefox passwords from unbootable computer or crashed Firefox web browser. (Optional)

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