How to Create and Remove SQL Server 2005 Password?

MS SQL Server is one of the most widely used relational database system produced by Microsoft Corporation. Both MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server which are prevailing at present use .mdf file to store data. While sa(abbreviation for “System Administrator”) is the password associated with a MS SQL Server. It is typical term used to refer to the database administrator. I will tell you how to create and remove SQL Server password in SQL 2005 here.

create sql server password

How to Create SQL Server 2005 password?

In order to create Login Creation for SQL Server Authentication Mode you need to follow below steps:

Open SQL Server 2005.

Select your server name & Windows Authentication Mode from drop down list & click on Connect button.

Right click on SQL Server name in your computer e.g. in this “Srinivas” and click on Properties.

After clicking on Properties one screen will open.

Click on Security and then click on SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode and press OK button. Now, both Windows and SQL Server User will be able to access the SQL Server.

After this SQL Server 2005 restarts and come in same state as we open it.

Expand Security folder from left panel, right click on Login folder and click on New Login…

A new screen appears, then

Enter Login Name.

Click on SQL Server Authentication.

Enter Password & Confirm Password.

Uncheck checkbox of Enforce password policy (If you want to use this then give strong/complex password)

When you complete this click on Server Roles and it will change like this.

Here you can define roles of this user. Tick on check box of sysadmin or tick check boxes according to your requirement of user roles. When completes click on User Mapping and it will change like this.

Set each database (master, model and etc.) role as db owner and public only or tick check boxes according to your requirement of user role. When role completes click on Status and it will change like this.

Click on Grant and Enabled only and press OK button. You will receive a User/Login created successfully message. If it returns an error that you are missing some thing in these steps.

Close the SQL Server and open it again and now use this newly created User/Login.

When we created the SQL Server 2005 Password, we usually forgot SQL SA password. If forgot the password, what could I do? I will introduce Smartkey SQL Password Recovery for you to remove SQL Server Password?

How to remove SQL Server 2005 Password with Smartkey SQL Password Recovery?

  1. Download Smartkey SQL Password Recovery program from and then click “Open” to load the master .mdf file.
  2. Select SQL Server 2005 user name to remove the password, or select any other user name which you forgot the password. Click “Change Password” to reset password.
  3. Enter the preferential password and click “OK”.
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