Effective Solutions to Change SA Password

In this article we will have a discussion on how to change SA password in SQL Server. The solutions mentioned in this article are applicable to change SQL Server SA password on all version of SQL Server.

When the last time your SQL server SA password was changed?
SA which is the abbreviation for System Administrator refers to the person who maintains and operates Microsoft SQL Server. When you installed SQL Server, the default user is sa and it is non-password protected. To protect your SQL Server, you should not have a blank SA password. Therefore you need to change this password. As long as you have a secure password for your SA account, you should change this SA password regularly for security reason. However, by doing so, people might easy to forget such secure SA password. If that happens to you, how would you change the forgotten password of SA?

Effective solutions of SQL Server SA password changing:
If there is any other SQL Server login that is a member of sysadmin role, you then can log in using that account and change the SA password of SQL Server. So, this solution might be called:

Solution1: Change password of SA login using Management Studio

  1. Open the SQL Server management studio.
  2. Connect to SQL Server with Windows authentication.
  3. Right click sa and choose its properties.
  4. Go to security tab and change server authentication to “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode”.
  5. Click OK and restart SQL Server.
  6. Go to SQL Server studio management.
  7. Expand the server and choose security and expand logins.
  8. Right click on SA, then click on “Properties” to  change the password of the SA account.

change sa password

You have now successfully changed the SA password for your SQL Server. But please Note: All the above steps should be done on a local Windows computer of SQL Server.

Solution 2: Change SA password with Smartkey SQL Password Recovery

When you are not able to access the local Windows computer of SQL Server, or you want to crack a forgotten SQL password within minutes, you can consider using a professional SQL SA password recovery program like Smartkey SQL Password Recovery to troubleshoot the problem. This program can efficiently change any SQL Server login password on any version of Microsoft SQL Server. Here’s the guide on changing SA password with SQL Password Recovery:

Step1: Download Smartkey SQL Password Recovery from http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/sqlpasswordrecovery.html then quickly install and launch it on a computer. Next in the pop-up interface of the program, click “Open” to load target master *.mdf file.
Step2: After open the *.mdf file, all user names with their passwords will be displayed in a list.  Now just pick up the SA account and then click “Change Password”.
Step3: Now enter a new password for the SA account and confirm it later. Next click OK to finish SA password change.

Isn’t the whole process goes on very simple? And from the beginning to the end, it costs you several minutes only. Stop hesitating, and get it now!

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