My Little Tricks on How to Change Password in SQL

change password sqlYesterday I saw a question about solution to change password in SQL and now I decide to write something and share some of knowledge I know to help people change SQL server login password easily even if in the situation when the password has already been forgotten or lost.

Changing SQL password cannot only well protect the databases against unauthorized access but also can help the user regain access to the databases when the password is lost.

Trick 1: Change SQL login password (including SA password and other SQL user password) from Windows Authentication mode

1. Login into SQL server using Windows Authentication. (No password you need to enter.)
2. In Object Explorer, open Security folder, open Logins folder. Right Click on “sa” account and other accounts whose passwords you want to crack, then go to Properties. Next, click the “General” tab. In the “Password” text box, enter the new password for the user and click “OK” to save your settings.
(Note: This method only takes effect on the local Windows computer of SQL Server.)

Trick 2: Change the password with SQL Password Recovery.

SQL Password Recovery is a professional tool designed for MS SQL Server password recovery (even lost or forgotten SQL password can be recovered) in several mouse clicks without causing any data loss or damage to the databases. One of the greatest features of this tool is its broad compatibility. People don’t have the need to worry about the compatibility issue while using this tool since it fully supports MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 and works smoothly on all Windows-based computers. Additionally, it’s quite easy to use this tool. Now follow the below steps to change your forgotten the password.

Step1: After download the tool, then quickly install and launch it on a computer. Next in the pop-up interface of the tool, click “Open” to load target master *.mdf file.
Step2: After open the *.mdf file, all user names with their passwords will be displayed in a list.  Now just select the user account whose password needs to be changed and then click “Change Password”.
Step3: Now enter a new password for this account and then confirm it with clicking “OK” button to finish SQL change password process.

See? Even the forgotten SQL password can be changed within minutes!

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