How to Recover Lost Windows Password Smoothly

This article mainly talks about how to recover lost Windows password smoothly. It introduces why we need to recover lost Windows password, how to recover lost Windows password, and introduce how to recover lost Windows password with safe mode, with the Windows password reset disk and with Windows password recovery software.This article mai Continue reading

How did he Hack Windows 7 Password so Quickly?

It seems that we have used Microsoft operating systems for many years, and of course you can also use the famous Mac book computers from the Apple Inc. But here I am talking about the Microsoft Windows users. The Windows operating system has accomplished us for a number of years and we have accustomed to open our computer and see the Windows login icon. Some faithful users still use the old OS like Windows 98 while others who advance with the times are pleased with the beautiful and convenient Windows 8 screen. As a customer who dislikes change, I am … Continue reading

How to Break Windows 7 Computer Password

Windows 7 password lost, how to break Windows 7 password quickly? The computer I am currently using has two different operating systems installed on it. I’m running Windows 7 on the larger partition, and on the smaller partition I’m running the most recent version of Ubuntu. Long before I installed Ubuntu, I had forgotten my password to log in to Windows 7. I got around this quite easily just by burning Kon-Boot to a CD and booting from the CD with no problems. However, installing Ubuntu causes the computer to open the grub loader that was installed with Ubuntu so … Continue reading