Forgot SQL Server 2008 Password, How to Reset?

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Forgot SQL Server SA Password – How to Recover Forgotten SQL Password with Tool

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SQL Server Password Recovery: What to Do When You Forgot SQL Server SA Password?

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2 Simple Methods to Change SQL Server 2008 Password for SA Account

For security reason, we need to change SA password in SQL Server. Today we are going to discuss how to change SA password in SQL 2008. Method 1: Changing SA password in SQL 2008 by using Management Studio Step1: Login into SQL Server 2008 with Windows Authentication mode. (This means you have to login in the local Windows computer of SQL Server 2008.) Step2: Now go to “Object Explorer>>Security>>Logins”. Next find sa and right click on it. Step3: Select “Properties”. And then in the newly pop-up window, enter a new password to the Password filed, and confirm password later. However, … Continue reading

My Little Tricks on How to Change Password in SQL

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