Forgot SQL Server 2008 Password, How to Reset?

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Forgot SQL Server SA Password – How to Recover Forgotten SQL Password with Tool

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SQL Server Password Recovery: What to Do When You Forgot SQL Server SA Password?

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SQL Password Recovery – How to Recover SQL Server Password Smoothly

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Effective Solutions to Change SA Password

Introduction In this article we will have a discussion on how to change SA password in SQL Server. The solutions mentioned in this article are applicable to change SQL Server SA password on all version of SQL Server. When the last time your SQL server SA password was changed? SA which is the abbreviation for System Administrator refers to the person who maintains and operates Microsoft SQL Server. When you installed SQL Server, the default user is sa and it is non-password protected. To protect your SQL Server, you should not have a blank SA password. Therefore you need to … Continue reading

How to Recover SA Password with Two Ways Easily

We’ve all heard of the SA which is short for “System Administrator”. If we forgot the password for this user SA, we will get the SA account locked out and fail to log onto SQL when Windows authentication mode is not allowed. This can be a very serious problem! However, the problem is: in order to unlock the SA account when we forgot SA password, what should recover sa password? Should we have to reinstall SQL? Obviously, SQL Server reinstallation would cause serious data loss or corruption to the databases. If you need to reinstall SQL just because of SA … Continue reading