Three Guides to Hack Your Forgotten Facebook Passwords

Mark Zuckerberg likely never imagined this when he founded Facebook as an undergraduate in his Harvard dorm room. The website he created as a social network for college students is now the site of a brewing battle between two centenarians over who can lay claim to being the oldest among Facebook’s more than 1 billion monthly users. Logged on in one corner is Florence Detlor, the 101-year-old Californian who, in August, was designated Facebook’s oldest user by Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Detlor traveled to the social network’s Palo Alto campus for a personal tour. From this news we can … Continue reading

Different Ways to Hack Your Facebook Password

Question:  Need help forgot facebook password? My friend usualy go’s on facebook with her bb but recently she let a friend go on facebook from her phone and she logd off now my friend cant go on her fb becuz she use to have it on remember my password. I’ve tried helping her following the fb help and each time it needs to send her a email to make sure that its her profile and it says its sending a code but the code never sends. Can anyone help me plz? Answer:  Way 1:  Click “Forgot your password” link. If … Continue reading