How to Break Windows 7 Computer Password

Windows 7 password lost, how to break Windows 7 password quickly?

The computer I am currently using has two different operating systems installed on it. I’m running Windows 7 on the larger partition, and on the smaller partition I’m running the most recent version of Ubuntu.

Long before I installed Ubuntu, I had forgotten my password to log in to Windows 7. I got around this quite easily just by burning Kon-Boot to a CD and booting from the CD with no problems.


However, installing Ubuntu causes the computer to open the grub loader that was installed with Ubuntu so I can choose which operating system to load. When I attempted to use Kon-Boot again, I booted from the CD as usual. Here’s where to problem lies.

My spouse suggested that I have the CD in the drive, and just too simply not boot from it. Although I did not think this would do any good, I tried it, and selected Windows 7 from the grub loader, but to no avail. It pulled up my log in screen and would not let me past it, meaning Kon-Boot did not work.

I have not made a password reset disk to hack Windows 7 password of my computer, and it is the only account on the system. It has administrator rights, and I do not have a hidden administrator account either. I can’t find anything that applies to my situation. I hear the most popular is Ophcrack. So I search it on Google and find out the introduction here:

What is Ophcrack?

Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.


I try to download it and install it on my computer, but nothing helps, I do not know the reason. I decide to look for another method, and several minutes later, another tool called SmartKey Windows Password Recovery came to my eyes.

What is SmartKey Windows Password Recovery?

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is a reliable and efficient Windows password recovery tool which can help you recover lost password for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, 2008, Win8 local and domain accounts without current password. You can use this password recovery tool to create a bootable Windows password reset disk and reset Windows password offline with the password reset disk.

Because of there is no other method for me, I make up my mind to try this tool, hoping this software can bypass Windows 7 password for me.

I download it (from ) and install it to my personal computer, the installation procedure is very fast, in a hurry I insert my CD to the computer, and select the CD drive to create the password reset disk, and then click “Burn” to start burning a bootable CD.

My CD is not empty, therefore in the pop-up Windows, it kindly prompt: “Disc is not blank. Do you want to erase it now?” Of course I select “Yes” to continue because the CD is just used to install Ophcrack. And then the program reset CD has been created successfully.


I take the CD to my locked computer and when the CD boots, I see the software is initializing. Next step I select Windows installation and the user account whose password I want to remove from and click “Reset” .


Several seconds later it brings up a popup windows and congratulates me to unlock Windows 7 password successfully. It deserves the price! Thanks it very much!

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