Let’s Make It a Breeze to Reset SQL User Password!

I just received a call from my old friend. He had a question regarding updating user password in SQL 2005. Now he wanted to reset SQL user password without specifying the old password because he forgot it already. I am sure that he is not the first person who has faced this issue. There must be many more similar situations where people who have lost or forgotten the SQL password thus lost access to their important databases. Regarding this SQL user password forgotten issue, I’d like to share some personal opinions with you all. In my view, to reset a … Continue reading

How to reset SQL password, when I forgot SQL password?

Have you ever forgot or lost your SQL password? Did you have any ideals to reset SQL password? Or chosen to reinstall MS SQL Server on your PC again? I once forgot my SQL password and I reinstalled SQL Server at last, because I failed to find some good methods to solve the problem. What annoying and terrible experience it is! In order to avoid reinstalling SQL Server for a second time, I collect some methods to reset sa Password in sql for sa account. Method 1: Use the Query Windows in Management Studio to reset sql sa password 1. … Continue reading

How to reset SA password for SQL 2008?

Question: I forgot the password of SA account, therefore I don’t be able to login to SQL server 2008 How could I reset SA password SQL 2008? In the SQL Server 2005 Express I can chose the expert mode during the installation. This enables me to set the password of the user “SA”. Now I tried to install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express but I had no possibility to change / set the password of the user “SA”. I read in the internet that the default-password of the user “SA” should be a blank password. Since in SQL Server 2008 R2 Express … Continue reading

My Little Tricks on How to Change Password in SQL

Yesterday I saw a question about solution to change password in SQL and now I decide to write something and share some of knowledge I know to help people change SQL server login password easily even if in the situation when the password has already been forgotten or lost. Changing SQL password cannot only well protect the databases against unauthorized access but also can help the user regain access to the databases when the password is lost. Trick 1: Change SQL login password (including SA password and other SQL user password) from Windows Authentication mode 1. Login into SQL server … Continue reading

2 Effective Ways to Reset SQL Server SA Password

About system administrator (SA) MS SQL Server offers administrators two choices of performing user authentication: Windows authentication mode and mixed authentication mode (Windows authentication and SQL Server Authentication). No matter what authentication mode you select, you should assign a strong password for the SA (system administrator) account which has full control over the database objects, including the tables, stored procedures, user permissions and backup logs etc. However, this SA password can be easily forgotten. Well, in the following I will show you how to reset SQL SA password when it is forgotten with following 2 methods: Method 1: Reset password … Continue reading