What to Do With Office Password Recovery Issues

Microsoft Office document which was widely-spread used, helps us write anything such as working process and private journal, and allows us to set a password. But, every coin has two sides. Some unfortunate thing always happens. Have you ever been locked out by your MS Office document just because of lost or forgot the Office password, especially when it is time for you work presentation or for an important school project? Unlike Windows, Microsoft did not offer ways to recover MS locked Office password.   Following steps will show you the efficient way for Office password remover with SmartKey Office Password Recovery tool, … Continue reading

How about Zip Password Recovery

Have you ever used or seen compressed files? I think your answer may be yes. Sometimes when we have to send folders, we couldn’t send it directly but compress firstly, and then the receiver will decompress your files. At last he or she can see the files in the folders. That is the process of sending folders.   However, what I have to say is that if the folders aren’t allowed to be seen by other persons except you and the receiver. I think you have to try some ways to protect the folders. And at this time you may encrypt … Continue reading

How to Recover RAR Password with Smartkey

In the previous atricles we talked about SQL password recovery, but today I want to share an article about RAR password recovery.   “I forgot my WinRAR archive password. Is there any rar password cracker to decrypt rar files without knowing its password?” One day my friend Tom asked me so.   He had quite a long crush on a girl, his college classmate. Being lack of courage, he wrote down all his feelings for her and kept it very secretly. One day, he found his mother was using his PC. He was such a shy boy, the most private … Continue reading

Guides to Recover SQL Password

You must be curious about why we still share such knowledge about recovering SQL Server password here. To be honest,  SQL Server cannot be obsoleted because there are still many people use it for server. Although the Windows vesion updates fast, we still cannot ignore the importance of it.   As to SQL Server, it is short for Structured Query Language. The main function of it is to make connection and communication with different databases. SQL is a relational database management system, which is developed by Microsoft、Sybase along with Ashton-Tate as first, and here we introduce only for Microsoft SQL … Continue reading

How to reset Forgotten SQL Server 2008 Password

Microsoft SQL Server Database is a powerful and reliable data management system that delivers a rich set of features, data protection, and performance for embedded application clients, light Web applications, and local data stores. And it has become more and more popular then Access Database without doubt.   Some people set a password for their SQL Server 2008 with the reason of privacy protection but it is easy to forget it. And next time when he needs to open the Server and do some operation, he has no way to remember it but to reset or remove it. However, when … Continue reading

How to Create and Remove SQL Server 2005 Password?

MS SQL Server is one of the most widely used relational database system produced by Microsoft Corporation. Both MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server which are prevailing at present use .mdf file to store data. While sa(abbreviation for “System Administrator”) is the password associated with a MS SQL Server. It is typical term used to refer to the database administrator. I will tell you how to create and remove SQL Server password in SQL 2005 here. How to Create SQL Server 2005 password? In order to create Login Creation for SQL Server Authentication Mode you need to follow … Continue reading

Effective Solutions to Change SA Password

Introduction In this article we will have a discussion on how to change SA password in SQL Server. The solutions mentioned in this article are applicable to change SQL Server SA password on all version of SQL Server. When the last time your SQL server SA password was changed? SA which is the abbreviation for System Administrator refers to the person who maintains and operates Microsoft SQL Server. When you installed SQL Server, the default user is sa and it is non-password protected. To protect your SQL Server, you should not have a blank SA password. Therefore you need to … Continue reading

How to Recover SA Password with Two Ways Easily

We’ve all heard of the SA which is short for “System Administrator”. If we forgot the password for this user SA, we will get the SA account locked out and fail to log onto SQL when Windows authentication mode is not allowed. This can be a very serious problem! However, the problem is: in order to unlock the SA account when we forgot SA password, what should recover sa password? Should we have to reinstall SQL? Obviously, SQL Server reinstallation would cause serious data loss or corruption to the databases. If you need to reinstall SQL just because of SA … Continue reading

2 Simple Methods to Change SQL Server 2008 Password for SA Account

For security reason, we need to change SA password in SQL Server. Today we are going to discuss how to change SA password in SQL 2008. Method 1: Changing SA password in SQL 2008 by using Management Studio Step1: Login into SQL Server 2008 with Windows Authentication mode. (This means you have to login in the local Windows computer of SQL Server 2008.) Step2: Now go to “Object Explorer>>Security>>Logins”. Next find sa and right click on it. Step3: Select “Properties”. And then in the newly pop-up window, enter a new password to the Password filed, and confirm password later. However, … Continue reading

Forgot SQL Server Password, How to unlock SQL Server password?

Users who don’t regularly log into the SQL Server database sometimes forget their passwords. Also SQL Server passwords can be easily forgotten if users often change them. Imagine if you forgot SQL Server password, what would you do? Thankfully, you now can resort to some SQL Server password unlocker tools such as SQL Password Recovery to help you crack the forgotten SQL user and sa passwords. How to use SQL Server password unlocker—SQL Password Recovery, to crack SQL password? To be able to use this tool to crack and unlock the forgotten SQL password, you should first download and install … Continue reading